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Villa Balbianello. Laden with history and romantic allure, the Villa, owned by FAI, is a very popular destination with tourists from all over the world, due to its magnificence and fascinating location on the Lavedo promontory, stretching out towards Lake Como. The Villa is surrounded by a garden which affords a breathtaking view of the place. Its neoclassical loggia best exemplifies the perfect mix between architecture and the landscape.
Tremezzo. It is one of themost renowned international tourist destinations of this Lake branch: the village stretches out from the Lake shore to the hills, at the foot of Mount Crocione. Tramezzo affords a magnificent view of the central Lake basin and of the Grigne.
Villa Carlotta. Villa Carlotta is also one of the most fascinating and ancient mansions of Lake Como. It was built in 1690 by the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici at the top of a terrace garden overlooking the Lake. The Villa is now owned by the State.
Antonio Canova’s “Cupid and Psyche” is a must-see masterpiece and the Villa’s most famous work of art, while “The last kiss of Romeo and Juliet” by Francesco Hayez adds a very romantic aura to the place.
Bellagio. Called “the pearl” of Lake Como, which pretty much sums it all up, given what we have seen so far, the village stands out for highly efficient and classy restaurants, hotels and shops, thus catering even for the most demanding and sophisticated tourists. Everything there is special and unforgettable. The ancient Borgo (hamlet) is a characteristic feature of Bellagio: narrow cobblestone roads, alleys and striking stairways alternate with postcard-like views.

A ferry trip to Varenna
Varenna. Once a fishermen’s village, Varenna has kept its original charm unaltered, along with numerous traces of prehistoric origins. The village consists of a mesh of small houses, tiny corners and alleys, all steeply descending towards the Lake and reflecting in its waters, while the majestic Mesolcina mountain range rises northward.
The Castle of Vezio.  The breathtaking view of Lake Como unfolds before our eyes from the Castle of Vezio, whose origins probably date back to a Ligurian-Celtic settlement or an Etruscan one, even. Today, like in the past, surprisingly amazing views of the Lake can be admired during our visit. One of them is the view of Varenna, which can be seen from one of the overhanging balustrades. One of the stairways leads up to the “olive tree grove”, where the “Castle Falconer” dressed in period clothing is very happy to show us the hunting birds living there: barn owls, owls, buzzards, falcons and many others. 


LENGTH: 25 km


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