Bike it easy Travel offer

Bike it easy Travel presents a new line of exclusive package tours and attractive services using the e-Bike.
This bike riding method turns the exploration of the territory into a fun experience, which enables visiting breathtaking nature spots with little effort. In so doing, most of your energy is well spent having fun and discovering places, rather than concentrating on physical exertion.
The idea is to discover Italy by privileging the so-called “ecomuseum” through itineraries designed for excursions of one or more days in the most beautiful and charming spots in Italy, without visiting the traditional major cities and mass tourism destinations.

Selection of itineraries

Itineraries are selected by arts, culture, geography and wine-food gastronomy experts. Based on all the information collected, an area of interest is selected, thoroughly examined and accurately tested in compliance with our top quality standards: road safety, route beauty, points of interest, proper length of the route, gradients, road maintenance. Where possible, we ride our mountain e-bikes along off-road low-traffic tracks.


Every trip is conducted by competent members of Staff who are responsible for providing the necessary assistance as well as the contents required for a deep and valuable experience. Each group is led by two experts, followed by a service support van, in case of need.
The selection of stopover and overnight locations is made by accurately searching the best typical and unique offering in the local region.
Each participant is provided with the necessary equipment for bike riding: gloves, helmet and wireless audio guide systems to listen to the Guide during the tour.