Welcome to Sardinia, Emerald Sea and Wild Land


DAY 1 – Welcome to Sardinia! (6miles/10 km)

Arrival in Cagliari, visit to the charming city centre with its magnificent aerial views of the coastline. Lunch at Golfo dei Poeti with appetizing fish courses. Arrival in Guspini in the afternoon, at Hotel Tartesh, briefing and excursion to Montevecchio mines, the largest and most charming industrial archaeological site in Sardinia. Rest and hotel dinner in the restaurant located inside a cellar.

DAY 2 – The Archaelogical Sites and Sea Cliffs (21miles/35 km)

Minibus trip to the temple of Antas, Punic and Phoenician temple, and walk to the remains of a Nuragic archaeological site. Departure with the e-bike along an off-track road in a canyon with old mining wells, sheepfolds and stunning landscapes. We ride to Cala Domestica where a delightful lunch is served on the beach. A magnificent mountain road leads down towards the sea, riding along the coastline, while enjoying the unique and unforgettable panorama offered by the white cliffs and “Pan di Zucchero” rock. An incredible set of dunes embedded among the cliffs of the coast overseen for centuries by the Tower of Cala Domestica. Minibus trip back to the hotel followed by a traditional dinner.

DAY 3 – The Ancient Mining Area (25miles/40 km)

Transfer to the old mining village of Montevecchio. Brief presentation of the Sardinian mines to frame our tour. The track always reminds us of the ancient mining period, in an enchanting natural context. We reach the dunes of Piscinas, a small 5 sq m desert populated by deers and characterised by juniper bushes. After a short tracking on the dunes, we’ll enjoy a typical lunch and relax on the beach. Back to the hotel.

Day 4 – Villages, Handicraft and the Beautiful City of Alghero (18miles/30 km)

Departure from Guspini to Bosa. This city, inhabited since the Phoenicians’ age, is famous for corals as well as for textile and embroidery. Visit of the city centre and ride along a panoramic road overlooking the sea connecting Bosa to Alghero. Arrival at Alghero and check-in at the Hotel Puntanegra.

Day 5 – The Nuraghe Architecture and Capo Caccia (25miles/40 km)

Ride in the morning to Nuraghe Palmavera. The Nuraghe is one of the most interesting architectural structures from a distant past and has decorated our island for the past 4000 years. Short break and visit. Capo Caccia is our next destination, with a magnificent view of its small bays like Porto Conte, and Mediterranean vegetation with dwarf palm trees that are typical of this region. At times we are lucky enough to spot white donkeys living on the hills. A breathtaking view of the landscape can be enjoyed from Capo Caccia. Escala de Cabirol, with its 656 steps, leads to the beautiful Grotta di Nettuno. Back to the hotel.

Day 6 – Goodbye in Alghero

Visit of Alghero historic centre. The sightseeing tour covers the historic buildings of the ancient city and numerous remains of works of art that can be found in the typical cobblestone alleys of the place. Shopping, light lunch and departure.